Stencil Service from Fischer Engineering & Design                             Individual Stencil mades up to your needs!

Whether your LOGO or text, scaling, datamatrix, barcodes, QR codes:
You can customize the stencils according to your wishes.
Our long-term stencils hold up to 50,000 labels in serial production.

24 hours service!
Orders until 9 am, can be picked up or shipped at the same day!

What we need from you when you first order a Stencil by us:

- Font / Font size
- Graphics / Logos
- Text spacing
- Text positioning

You are welcome to send us a graphic template.

What we need from you when you re-order a Stencil by us :

- Comparison number of the Stencil (at the bottom of the stencil, for example: 171995 )
- Possible modification of the previous stencils



Standard formats stencils

Description           Markingarea


FO 40                         30x16 mm

FO 50                         40x16 mm

FO 60                         50x16 mm

FO 80                         70x16 mm

FO 100                       90x16 mm



FS 01 one line
FS 02 two lines
FS 03 three lines
FS 04 four lines
FS 05 five lines
FS 06 six lines
FS 07 seven lines
FS 08 eight lines
FS 09 nine lines
FS 10 ten lines


Special sizes & special frames
on demand!



For Example : Standard Stencilsize by FO 40










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