Scribing System SI-85

The System SI-85 is a Scratchingsystem, which is developed
to scratch a fast and permanent marking.




Technical Details :


Marking area : 80 X 50 mm
Dimensions with connectors : 22cm (width) X 16.5cm (Length) X 17.5cm (Height)
Weight : 8 KG
Material of Case : Steel
Move guide Ball Screw and the LM Guide
Motor : Stepping Motor
Control Unit : All available controllers
Dust cover for 24 pins connect cable



Features :

- A
Competitive price with good quality
- A Dust Cover; protect dust from bad environmental
- Able to be quiet marking (Only SI-03 pin)   
- A variable and easy installing to customer (s) own system
- Able to use the SI-03 pin and PH pins
- A customer OEM installation or with T-300 Table



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