Scribing System SI-120

SI-120 marked Directly into the material-even the hardest steels-, the mark (text, digit, logo and 2D Data Matrix) is produced by a tungsten-carbide pin That penetrates and indents the surface. Thesis Scribers produce deep grooves to form continuous lines.
Scribing marking machine is selected mostly for Applications When noise level limitations are imposed.
Deep marking of its marking depth is between 0.3mm upto 0.5mm DEPENDING on the material of surface.
For Example, Chassing marking on frame of vehicle Could be Considered noisy with a dot peen machine, Whereas a pneumatic scribing machine Could mark with less noise. It Guarantees a permanent mark with the highest quality.




Technical Details :


Marking area : 90 x 80 mm
Dimensions with connectors : 28cm (width) X 22.5cm (Length) X 15.5cm (Height)
Weight : 15 KG
Material of Case : Steel
Move guide Ball Screw and the LM Guide
Motor : Stepping motor
Control Unit : All available controllers
Dust cover for 24 pins connect cable


Features :

- A Competitive price with good quality
- A Dust Cover; protect dust from bad environmental
- Able to be quiet marking (Only SI-03 pin)
- A variable and easy installing to customer (s) own system
- Able to use the SI-03 pin and PH pins
- A customer OEM installation or with T-300 Table



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