Pinmarking System MK-300L                                                                The low cost entry level system

Strong functions and competitive price of stand alone marking machine MK-300L.
The “MK-300L” is the most economical model of Fischer engineering & desgin. It has to be connected with PC for marking and be able to do a marking through JS 2000 software.
This MK-300L is proper to use to small and medium company or who want to have just simple marking. Also, compact size for small working space. The “MK-300L” can be used with computer through RS-232 cable using JS-2000 software.

Technical Details :


Marking area :  95mm X 75mm
Dimensions with table : 23cm(width) X 23cm(Length) X 19cm(Height)
Weight :  9 Kg
Material of case : STEEL
Move guide : Iron Guide
Electric :  Select 115V or 230V, 50/60 Hz
Air pressure : Min 2 Bar to Max 5 Bar
components :  RS-232 port, Power cable



Features :

- Super Fast! Up to 5 letters per second (2mm height)
- Most important function is this model only can be operated with PC through RS-232 cable using

- LP/PH Combined(Inside)
- Linear, circular, oblique-line and angle marking, 2D Data Matrix
- Automatic serialization, date coding, Julian calendar special date coding, day & night coding
- Embedded two kind of standard fonts
- Single block data, Auto CAD PLT file marking, special logo marking


Easy to programm over JS-2000 Software



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