Pinmarking System - MK-300 

Stand alone Dot peen marking machine “MK-300” are designed for small quantity and various kinds of marking. Tungsten carbide marking pin let you have permanent marking to many type of material from plastic to hardened steel up to 62 Hrc.
The “MK-300” has built in controller inside of marking head as stand alone marking machine.
It makes you have permanent marking on your parts without P.C. These type of marking (text, digits) are made of a succession of dots. It can be made of 2D data matrix and logo marking when it is connected with JS-2000 s/w on the p.c.
MK-300 works with parts of various shapes and surface conditions (flat and irregular surfaces, concave, convex, circular, raw material etc...) Also, It has an external switch “Stop, Start and Reset” button for more convenience. All of these products are designed for user friendly.



The MK-300 Modell is available in 2 Versions :


1. With integrated Keyboard inside the marking head

2. With separate Keyboard ( Keyboard can be removed from Markinghead )

Technical Details :


Marking area : 100mm X 75mm
Dimensions with table : 230mm(W) X 230mm(L) X 190mm(H)
Weight : 9 Kg
Material of case : STEEL
Move guide : Iron Guide
Electric : Select 115V or 230V, 50/60 Hz
Air pressure : Min 2 Bar to Max 5 Bar
Memory for PLC : 8,000 Byte
Able to save block data : 40cha/64 Blocks
Components :    
- External switch port
- Mini Keyboard port
- RS-232 port
- Power cable



Features :

- Super Fast! Up to 5 letters per second (2mm height)
- Most important function can be operated without PC or with PC through RS-232 cable using
LP/PH Combined(Inside)
- Automatic serialization, date coding, Julian calendar special date coding, day & night coding
- Embedded two kind of standard fonts
- Single block data, Auto CAD PLT file marking, special logo marking



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