Pinmarking & Integrationhead - MK-085BS

The MH-085BS is Ball Screw Heads which are able to mark with very high precision (1mm character height). The case is constructed of Steel which makes it light and easy to install. The Ball Screw is constructed of iron, and the X-Y-axis has a LM Guide inside of the marking head for smooth movement and long service life.


Technical Details :


Dimensions with connectors : 203 mm (W) X 158 mm (L) x 193 mm (H)
Marking area : 80 mm (X) X 50 mm (Y)
Connector : 24 pins for connect cable
Control Unit : All available controllers
Weight : 5 KG
Move guide : Ball Screw and the LM Guide
Motor : Stepping Motor
Material of Case : Steel



  Features :

- A Competitive price with good quality
- A Stainless Dust Cover; protect dust and oil from bad environmental
- A variable and easy installing to customer (s) own system
- Able to use springless pin and LP & PH pins
- A customer OEM installation or with T-300 Table



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