Pinmarking & Integrationhead MK-115                                        

Dot peen machines are capable of being integrated systems for production lines. These marking pins of the system are dedicated for integrators, who appreciate Their compact design, reliability and speed of marking.
Thesis MH-115 machine are compact and designed to be what Easily integrated on automated lines in whatever car you choose position.
It is easy to use and is suitable to mark parts of various shapes, irregular surfaces and materials.
The internal components are protected by a cast aluminum and sliding bellows Allowing continuous industrial use. It Allows quick dot peen marking on all types of materials, from plastic to steel hardest (up to 62Hrc).




Technical Details :


Marking area : 90x80 mm
Dimensions with connectors : 23cm (W) X 21cm (L) x 18cm (H)
Weight : 12 Kg
Material of case : CAST ALUMINUM
Move guide for X and Y-axis LM Guide
Air pressure : min 2 bar to 5 bar Max
Motor : Stepping motor
Control Unit : All available controllers
Components : 24 pins for connect with MCU, Mac Valve, X & Y timing belt


Features :


- Sound Proof Cap for reduced noise (Only PH-Pin)
- Easy integration to customers own system
- Able to use LP and PH pins
- MK-100N CPU with SD Storage
- Custom OEM installation or with T-300 Table
- Fast (Five 3mm characters per second)
- User Friendly Software
- Automatic Serialization
- Three standard fonts with 2D MatrixPLC I / O Interface    
- Special Day / Night / Shift Codes (for Product Traceability)



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