Pinmarking & Integrationhead MK-054

The MH-054 is a Portable dot peen marking machine (hand held dot pin marker) which is permanently connected to the any of controller by a robotic cable. This is a portable unit which is ideal for marking huge, large, bulky parts.
It can be used for all types of materials ranging from plastic to steel. It marks on linear, angler and cylindrical surfaces and 2D Data Matrix marking . And, customer can choose pneumatic or electronic depending on their purpose.







Available also for CNC-Systems!

- Protection against splash water
- Protection against oil and emulsions
- Protection against chips and external influences


Technical Details :


Dimensions with connectors : 131 mm (W) X 119 mm (L) X 206mm (H)
Marking area : 48 mm (X) X 40 mm (Y)
Connector : 24pin connector
Air pressure : 2 ~ 3 bar
Weight : 2.8 KG
Move guide : Iron (Bearing guide)
Motor : Stepping Motor
Material of Case : Steel


Features :

- Can be connected Easily because it uses 24pin connector. 
- Easy to install a narrow space.
- Lightweight marking head.
- Can be used as portable marking head or standalone marking head.


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