Integrationsneedle for CNC Machines                                          CNC-MARKER

Do you have no place in your CNC machine for a Microdotmarkinghead?
For us this is not a problem!
With our integration needle you can save space, and you mark right in your CNC machine.
You dont need any extra controller!
You can easily bring the marking by CNC control. Variable texts, logos and labeling are easy possible to mark.
Our integration needle you can simply take in your tool change with programmed & for a machining process directly into the CNC machine.



The CNC marker is a needle embossing tool, which can be applied to a wide variety of materials in machining centers, CNC milling or lathing machines, instead of engraving tools.





Advantages of the procedure :

- Process security of the labeling process
   Processing and labeling in one clamping

- Time saving
   No further set-up times

- Flexible labeling
   Logos, texts, serial numbers (according to the CNC engraving cycle)

- Feed speed
   Max. 4800 mm / min

- Automatic height adjustment
   Up to approx. 4 mm

- High performance embossing needle can be regrinded

- No spindle rotation necessary


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