Controller MCU-200B

The MCU-200B is our most compact controller, ideal for small working spaces.
It's on-board LCD display makes it easy to control as well as to monitor marking status.
While the MCU-200B can be used with a computer via RS-232 cable and JS-2000 software, it can also be used without a computer. It also has an external “Stop, Start and Reset” switch for added convenience. The MCU-200B is able to support any language when controlling it with a computer.



Technical Details :
Dimensions with connectors : 160mm (W) X 120mm (L) X 285mm (H)
Electric Free Voltage : (115 ~ 230V, 50/60 Hz)
Weight : 4.5 Kg
Case Material : Steel
Memory : for PLT 8 Kbytes
Able to save data block 64
PIC 8-bit CPU
Components : RS-232 serial port, PLC I / O port, 20 by 4 line LCD display,
Auto Air-Cooling System, RJ-42 port, Combined PH / LP system
 Features :

- Superfast
! Up to 5 letters per second (2mm height)
- EasySelect to LP / PH system (have a switch on back of case)
- Linear, circular, oblique-line, angle and Cylinder marking (with CDC-20)
- Automatic serialization, date coding, Julian calendar Special DATACODING, Day & Night Coding
- Embedded 3 kind of standard fonts (Std1, Std2, Dot)
- Single Block & multiblocks data, Auto CAD PLT file marking, and special logo marking,
  2D Data Matrix marking
- Able to communicate with RS-232 and PLC through I / O interface
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