Controller MCU-100N

The MCU-100N is our best selling controller World-Wide
MCU-100N controller Provide various functions which is need
to automation line through PLC and I / O by RS-232.
It has a front surface of LCD Controller of which size is 240mm X 128mm for User`s friendly.
It makes you modify and input the data easily.
Keyboard drawer by sliding type is protected from external dust the keyboard.
The function of USB and SD card help you back up and restore the Data easily.
The mostimportant functons of MCU-100N are easy to
maintenance by slotted design of main parts.





Technical Details :


Dimensions with connectors : 400mm (W) X 250mm (L) X 190mm (H)
Electric Free Voltage : (85V ~ 264V, 50/60 Hz)
Weight : 8 Kg
Case Material : Steel
Memory : 40cha. 999 blocks. 512M byte, SD memory and USB
CPU : Atmel AT
Marking speed : (in case of PH system) 2mm 4 ~ 5 per a second
3mm 3 ~ 4 / second 6mm 1 ~ 2 / second
10mm = 0.6 ~ 0.8 / second
Components : External switch, RS-232, PLC I / O 
interface, Ethernet, heat sink, 240 by 128 Graphic 
LCD display, keyboard inside.



 Features :


- Most common functions can be Executed without a PC, as well as with a PC using RS-232 cable 
  using JS-1000 S / W
- EasySelect to LP / PH Systems (Pin Select Switch in front cover on the controller)
- Linear, circular, oblique-line, angle and circumference marking (with CDC-20)
- Automatic serialzation, DATACODING, Julian calendar, Special DATEENCODING, week code, day & 
  night coding.
- Standard embedded fonts (STD1, STD2, STD3, DOT)
- Single Block & multi-block data, Auto CAD PLT file marking, and special logo marking
  2D Datamatrix marking
- SD card and USB for easy backup and restore management of data
- Able to communicate with I / O interface, RS-232 and Ethernet on Integration System.


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