Battery Type MKP-054 Portable Markingsystem                          Perfect for big & havy parts  / For Outdoor & Indoorproductions

The MKP-054 is battery operated portable marking capability with Blue tooth connectivity. MKP-054 marking machine is ideal for large fabrications and heave parts on pallets. It supports linear, angler and cylindrical surfaces and 2D Data Matrix marking. You can even edit your information and send it wirelessly to the marking head in seconds via Bluetooth and vefity your variable data and setting on the built-in LCD.



T-300 Axis with Fixture for portable Markingsystem MKP-054

As separate Option you can order our MKP-054 also with T-300 Hightaxis and Fixture.

With this Option you will be also able to mark small, unwieldy and Serialparts everytimes at the same position.



Userfriendly Software JS-2100 
Easy & fast programming.

Programm your Markings over our userfriendly Softwar JS-2100 and send it per Bluetooth to the MKP-054 Markingsystem.




Technical Specification :


Model MKP-054
Dimension 152 mm (W) X 130 mm (L) X 330 or 140 mm (H)
Marking area 64
mm (X) X 32 mm (Y)

Weight(Including battery & jig) 3.2kg (3.9kg)
Jig size 145 mm (W) X 115 mm (L) X 320
Weight for jig 0.5kg
Moving guide for X and Y axis Iron (Bearing guide)
Specification Linear, Angular, 2D data matrix, Logo marking



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