AFS - 2000 automaitc Typplatemarkingmaschine

The AFS-2000 is a Auto-feeding Nameplate System which can mark the serial number on the plate automatically or manually of plate mark. This machine is working automatically or manually accordingly operaters requestion.

Dimensions with connectors on costumer applications DEPENDING
Weight : DEPENDING on plate size
Material of Case : Stainless Steel
Elec. Power from MCU Unit
Able to connecting control unit MCU 100 and MCU-100N
- Double Air -Regulator for auto feeding
- A Four indicator LED light
- Start, reset and switch Feed
- Auto or manual switch
- Fuse in front
- Double solenoid valve
- Adjust screw
- 2 air-cylinders


 Features :

- Able to
 feeding, speed and marking Air Pressure
- An OEM product for customer applications
- A weight balance for Nameplate
- An easy installation with MK-100   
- An option to select (Auto) mark from 1 by 1 to infinity

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