Laser marking system with robot HORST                                        Automatic laser marking through robot connection

The HORST laser marking system was specially developed to enable a wide range of industrial requirements.
Different models can be selected depending on the laser model and the requirements for the robot.
The advantages at a glance:
- Automation of laser marking processes. Flexible use in almost all areas
- Numbers of pieces can be managed economically without additional labor
- Suitable for small and large quantities
- Payload and range of the robot depending on the robot type / laser type
- Easy programming of the laser / robot in combination
- Connection to camera systems or test systems possible
FISCHER ECO laser system in combination with HORST600
Small compact system
FISCHER STAR laser system in combination with HORST900
Midsize Lasermarkingsystem
FISCHER MIGHTY laser system in combination with HORST1400
For big and heavy parts
Industry 4.0. Robot automation makes our life easier!
Do you lack specialist staff or trained employees?
Our HORST will take over this work for you from now on.
With the help of an automatic system, qualification deficits can easily be avoided.
The connection by means of a robot eliminates the manual handling of a component by an employee, which means that errors due to incorrect handling can be avoided.
In addition, our HORST is very eager to work: Through his work he proves himself 24 hours a day.
The supplied control enables you to work in a user-friendly manner and to change the automation process in a short time.

Simulation of our FISCHER STAR laser system in combination with HORST 600








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