Lasermarkingsystem Medical Star                                                      Our Star in Medical & Pharma Applications

You already labeled with a marking laser, and you still have problems with corrosion resistance or the label after several passivation cycles?
We from Fischer Enginnering & Design have developed exactly this system for you which makes a NON Corrosion Marking with a resistant marking after a few passivation cycles.
Discuss with our team your wish.
Our `` Know How & our experience'' will be happy to help you to find the optimal solution for your company.



Application areas :


Medical Industry
Pharma Industry
Aerospace Industry
Solutions for Industry :
* CNC Production
* Equipment Production
* Tool Production
* Prototyping
* Quality assurance
* Charactersize Orders

* Aluminium
* Carbon
* Gold
* Hardmetalls
* Ceramic
* Platin
* Steels
* Titan




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