Lasertechnology                                                                                        The force of the light! MARKING & CUTTING

Our marking and cutting lasers are fiber lasers, UV lasers or CO2 lasers.
Since applications and materials mostly hold onto customer contacts, we at FISCHER offer you a range of personal meanings of laser marking and laser cutting.
Whether metals, plastics, organic materials such as glass or wood, we will find the right solutions for you.
Various power levels are available depending on the laser type.
Get in touch with our team and learn more about our laser marking systems & laser cutting systems.
All of our laser systems are certified in Germany and comply with the laser safety regulations of the European Union.


View of Lasermarkingmodels :

Laserpower for marking & cutting applications between 10-100W 


Lasermarkingsystem LIGHT

Open Lasermarkingsystem


Lasermarkingsystem ECO

Small & Compact


Lasermarkingsystem BASE

Basic Lasermarkingsystem / One size bigger!


Lasermarkingsystem STAR

Design meets Technic


Lasermarkingsystem MIGHTY

Allrounder Lasermarkingsystem / For big & heavy parts 




Marking Samples :














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