Lasertechnology                                                                                        The force of the light! MARKING & CUTTING

Under a laser marking means the labeling or marking of objects by means of an intense laser beam. In contrast, for laser printing, wherein with a weak laser beam, only the pigment application is controlled on the printed material, wherein the laser marking, the labeled material itself is changed. Therefore, the method and the use of energy depend on the material.

Laser labels are water- and smudge-proof and very durable. They can be quickly and automatically generated individually, which is why the process is often used for numbering of individual parts. Also, placing very small machine-readable markings, such as the QR Code or Data Matrix, directly on products is hereby possible.


View of Lasermarkingmodels  :

Laserpower for marking & cutting applications between 10-100W 

Made in Germany 

Lasermarkingsystem ECO

Price starts by 15.000,00€


Lasermarkingsystem BASE

Price starts by 16.000,00€


Lasermarkingsystem STAR

Price starts by 18.500,00€


Lasermarkingsystem MIGHTY

Price starts by 19.000,00€




Marking Samples :














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