SIGNUM VARIO                                                                                   Variable Markingsystem                                                                   Flexible data entry and tape transport directly to the component

Flexible marking system made by Fischer engineering & design

- Variable data labeling (Data
  Matrix, QR-code, barcode,
  Consecutive numbering ect.)
- Very simple use on PC & Software
- Permanent marking (hard acid &
   base resistant , heat resistant,
   resistant to sea water, no 
- Continuous supply with elekrtolyte
   by electrolytepump
- Applicable to all conductive
- Cost & Super Fast !!!


We will build this machine after your needs.



Technical specifications :


Power supply: 115/230 V AC / 50-60Hz
Signierspannung 12/18/24V
Power available from : 50 - 300 VA ( depending of marking size )
Cable length: 2 m
Size: depends on application
Weight: depending on application

Warrenty : 2 year


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