SIGNUM MK2 - Microprocessor                                                            For integration into production lines                                                or more complex applications

Microprocessor-controlled etching system, with digital counters for items to mass production, can be expanded flexibly to a semi-automatic machines for medium to large scale production by SiemensS7 SPS, can be used as a controller for small installations.



From individual parts to serial production

• For label sizes up to 400 x 220 mm
• Switch light / dark marking
• selector switch-or footswitch
• Built-in digital timer Lettering
• Connector for pneumatic assembly and pump
• Modular expandable to semi-automatic, or fully automatic (through Siemens S7)

Technical specifications :

Power supply: 115/230 V AC / 50-60Hz
Etching voltage: 12/18/24V
Power: 300 VA
Cable length: 2 m
Size: 340x300x160 mm
Weight: 6100 g

Warranty : 2 year


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