SIGNUM MK 1 - more powerful                                                            The all rounder - perfect for medium up to large volumes        in a series production

Control unit with Etchingtime controll for prototypes,, sample parts, small batches, tools, instruments, measuring instruments. By 75 VA power are major labels possible, and dark aluminum lettering. Upgradeable to a semi-automatic. For medium to large series production



From individual parts to serial production

For label sizes up to 200 mm (Free Download)
• Switch light / dark lettering,
• selector switch-or footswitch
• Built-in digital timer Lettering
• Connector for pneumatic assembly and pump
• Modular expandable to semi-automatic, or fully automatic (through Siemens S7)

Technical specifications :

Power supply: 115/230 V AC / 50-60Hz
Signierspannung 12/18 / 24V
Power: 75 VA
Cable length: 1 m
Size: 250x260x100 mm
Weight: 6100 g

Warrenty : 3 year


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