Extension Systems                                                                         marking faster & better

For a easy handling and positioning while the marking process.

Our Extension systems are especially made for userfriendly markingprocess.

If you need more than just `` One Marking ´´ you will be glad to mark with our extension systems.

They will help you to remove and put in your part in the right position every time without ajustment.

Mark your parts fast and easily by Fischer´s Extension Systems.

Manual System - fix your stecil & parts!

Our Manual Fixture is especially made For fixation of the workpiece and stencil. It ensure that the stencil and the label will be always at the same position!


Sizes Selectable as an option - we build our manual system up to your needs!


Pneumatic System - for massproductions

For fixing the workpiece and stencil.
Ensures accurate positioning of the label.
The labeling procedure is carried out by means of pneumatic cylinders.
For workpieces up to 200 mm height.
With machine graphite stamp 30x15 mm flat, neutral workpiece holder,
Stencil holder and workpiece holder are adjustable in all directions in order to achieve an accurate positioning of the mask to the workpiece.


Sizes Selectable as an option - we build our manual system up to your needs!


Etching Pump - constant liquid electrolyte supply

Our etching pump is especially made for constant supply while etchingprocess

Forward & reverse
Automatic clock for continuous
electrolytes supply


Technical specifications :

Power: 24V
U / min: 10
Size: 240x105x165 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Warrenty : 2 year







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