Etching Stencils                                                                                        made by Fischer Engineering & Design

Long life stencils made by Fischer engineering & design




For better handling in a manual labeling. Also for use with pneumatic assembly and manual assembly unit. Our long-term stencils were designed to always sign the same labels. Whether with your logo or a text, scaling, data matrix, barcodes, QR codes you are limited in any way. You can make free the templates according to your wishes. Our long-term stencils can stand in the series production of up to 50,000 labels.




Standard formats stencils

Description           Markingarea


FO 40                         30x16 mm

FO 50                         40x16 mm

FO 60                         50x16 mm

FO 80                         70x16 mm

FO 100                       90x16 mm



FS 01 one line
FS 02 two lines
FS 03 three lines
FS 04 four lines
FS 05 five lines
FS 06 six lines
FS 07 seven lines
FS 08 eight lines
FS 09 nine lines
FS 10 ten lines




Short time stencils - stencil tapes


With the short time stencils made by Fischer, you can print variable text, logos, graphics and
all kind of true type fonts directly at your workplace.
This is done easily via a stencil printer and the supplied software.



Labelprinter - to print out your own stencils

With the Stencil printer from Fischer your inspiration has no limits! Whether with text, graphics, trademarks, scales, data, logos or codes such as Data Matrix, barcode & QR Code, all you can easily and conveniently create and print at your workplace.


Labelprinter FI-2700









Technical specifications :

Character input via keyboard or PC
Bandwidths labels 6, 9, 12, 18, 24mm
Stencil tape 18, 24mm
Automatic band section
Adjustable label length
Interface: USB
9 different barcodes; Resolution 180 dpi; Print Styles: 11
Print Size: 8; Fonts: 8; multiline expression depending on
Band size; up to 7 rows; Automatic numbering
up to 99 times; USB connection for use on PC;
Scope of supply:
Manual, 1 Power Adapter, 1 hard shell case,
Software package, USB cable



Labelprinter FI-3600










Technical specifications :

Character input via keyboard or PC
Bandwidths labels 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36mm
Stencil tape 18, 24, 36 mm
Automatic band section; up to 16-line printing
integrated power supply; Automatic half-section;
8 different multi-interface options;
up to 20mm / sec print speed.
large LCD display; 3 lines of 20 characters; USB interface;
30 frame / background pattern; Tab function;
Scope of supply:
Manual, Editor software on CD-Rom, USB cable
for PC and MAC, Power Supply



Labelprinter FI-9500 PC










Technical specifications :

Character input
via PC
Bandwidths labels 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36mm
Stencil tape 18, 24, 36 mm
Automatic band and segments
Adjustable label length
Interfaces: RS-232 C serial and USB
incl. serial and USB data line
Many auto formats, Optional Network ready
Up to 40mm / sec print speed.
16 different bar codes; Graphics Mode bis729 dpi resolution;
Import from Excel spreadsheets and databases;
Printing of imported graphics and logos;
Use of all integrated in the PC fonts and symbols
Scope of supply:
Manual, software on CD-Rom,
USB cable, band-collecting tank


Labelprinter FI-TSC TTP - 343C









The TSC TTP-343 C label printer offers a small footprint high performance and a reasonable price. The Deskotpdrucker is built for durability and reliability. With a speed of up to 101.6 mm / s printed on the label printer, creating a perfect printing quality. Especially as a barcode printer This machine is suitable. The space-saving barcode printers equipped with a high-quality double-Klappdesgin. The Interfaces Ethernet, USB, Serial and Parallel enable flexible working with this label printer

Model: TSC TTP-343 C
Printing method: thermal transfer and direct thermal
Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Print speed: max. 101.6mm / s | 4 ips
Printing width: max. 106 mm | 4:17 "



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