We have for all metalls the right Electrolyte for you!


Art. Nr.  Application  

FE01 Suitable for most steel grades
FE02 aluminum
FE03 stainless steels, Electroless Nickel Plating
FE0hrome materials
FE08 black chrome, burnished, stainless steels
FE10 low alloy steels
FE11 high-alloy steels
FE12 aluminum, high-alloy steels, blackened
FE14 brass, copper, bronze, tin
FE20 stainless steel
FE21 titanium, tungsten carbide, stainless 
          steel, gold-plated parts
FE26 hardmetals
FE30 Burnished parts
FE300 washdown for steels
FE400 washdown for steel, chrome-plated
FE500 washdown for steel, chrome-plated

FN02 with red indicator as pH control FN 2

NF350.500 needle felt for marking stamp 2x350x500 mm

423-7379 Neutralytdispender 120ml




Hand & maschine stamps

Hand and machine stamps.
There are different standard stamps available.
These are adapted to the stencil sizes.
Special stamps are possible in any size and shape.

standard formats

L x B

20x15 mm
25x15 mm
30x15 mm
35x15 mm
40x15 mm
45x15 mm

50x15 mm

55x15 mm

60x15 mm
65x15 mm
70x15 mm
75x15 mm
80x15 mm
100x15 mm



Any special sizes and special buildings are on request!

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