Electrochemical Marking                                                                     Etching Technology - for all conductive metals

Metal products of different size and shape can marked with text, graphics, trademarks, scales,
data or brands. Workpieces which are small, flat, round, concave, or bulky, can be easiely marked, optional light or dark.
The Etching Technic is based on the method of surface conversion, without deforming the workpiece. The Etchingtime is approximately between 2-4 seconds. In this short exposure time lasting, abrasion-resistant and acid-resistant label is created.


Our Etchingsystem :

MADE IN GERMANY - 3 Years Warranty 

Signum ECO - Our Junior Markingsystem 

Easy & Inexpensive

Signum S1 - Our Allrounder for all areas

Small & individual

Signum MK1 - More Power

For large Markingsfields and Massproduktions


Signum MK2 - Microprozessor

For very large Markingareas

Integratable in Massproductionslines / Controllunit per SIEMENS 




Our marking devices are state of the art!

3 year manufacturer's guarantee - guarantee solid and years of experience in the field of electrolytic labeling.  

Whether from our entry-level system to complex, fully automatic marking stations, we are happy to help you find the right system!  

- Markings & labeling of conductive metals (uneven, concave or convex surfaces)

- Ideal for small, medium and large series (manual - semi-automatic or fully automatic)

- Graphics, numbering, data, codes (data matrix, QR code & barcode) and logos can be easily and easily labeled.

- No deformation or structural changes

- Resistant to acid, base, heat, cold, passivation.   

(Labeling is retained after the respective process.)


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