In 1997, Arno and Rose Fischer startet the company Fischer engineering & design in Wurmlingen.
In the early years the focus was in the area of ​​special mechanical engineering. Here CEO Fischer was able to implement many projects successfully. Investments in Laser Marking -and- laser welding systems followed at the same time. In electrolytic area Etching Systems came from Basicsystems up to half - or fully automatic machines. Also dot peen and inkjet. From the beginning, another mainstay were the services in laser job marking, laser welding and laser wage cutting, where Fischer quickly and individually  offer to customer requests . Because of the continuing expansion was moved in 2001 within Wurmlingen. Another move was also carried out within Wurmlingen in autumn 2008. An International Standard is usually introduced by ISO 9001 certification for many years.

Our motto: Treat each customer as yourself want to be treated as a customer !



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