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You want to mark your components?

But do not want to buy a Markingsystem?

This is not a problem for us!

Its not always rentable to buy a new Markingsystem.

Thats why we can make the Markings for you.

Contact us for more informations about our services. Our experienced team will help you to find exactly what you are looking for and will gladly advise you on any questions regarding our service.


We identify your components for you!

Fast and individually

Marking options:

- laser marking - on almost all materials possible

Laser markings are ideal for almost all materials.
They are permanent and can vary in your style.
From strong engravings to light event inscriptions, depending on the material and the timing.

- Sign / Electrolytic label - possible on all conductive metals

Electrolytic labels are well suited to conductive metals.
They are comparable to laser marking - The electrolytic marking is permanent and is a very cost-effective alternative to laser marking.

- Pinmarking and Scribing - possible on almost all materials

Needle embossing or Nadelritzungen are herrungsagend on components that must be marked deeply and permanently.
Marking depths up to 0.3mm are possible depending on the hardness of the base material.

Discuss your labeling wishes with our team.
We are happy to assist you with our experience and help you
to find the most suitable method.
No matter if small, medium or large series, we will help you quickly and accurately!



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